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As the owner of a horse farm you have a special responsibility. In worst cases, high compensation claims can quickly be brought against you, anywhere and anytime. Whether riding facilities, horse stables, riding club, horse farm, stabling and riding school – without liability insurance you permanently run the risk of being held liable with all your personal assets. It is important to consider all the possible scenarios and ensure they are adequately covered, as each operation is unique in its constellation. The basic coverage can be extended to incorporate various different risks. Special attention is given to secure pension horses. Establishments where boarders are housed, for a fee, are considered an commercial businesses. For the agistments we strongly recommend the professional gamekeeper risk (keepers’ risk) to be included in the employer’s liability insurance. The Keepers Liability protects the stall operators from high financial claims when the horse escapes during feeding for example, collides with a car on the road and injures the driver.