Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2004-0096, Kaiser Wilhelm II.

I believe in the Horse.
The Automobile is a temporary occurrence.

Wilhelm II, last German Emperor and Prussian King from 1888 to 1918.


The development of mankind would have taken a different course without the influence of the horse. No other animal has affected the development of civilization of mankind as greatly as it has. For more than 30,000 years the horse has been a part of human culture. In the middle Ages, for example, glasses, especially on route from Veneto over the Alps, were potted in butterfat to protect against breakage. Since a barrel could fall off the wagon at any time, the glasses were safe because of the fat. Hence the importance of:

Alles in Butter = All is safe

This saying represents the connection between horse, safety and our name as insurance brokers. Horses are flight animals and scare easily. An occasion may appear completely harmless to us, though a simple plastic bag, for example, may be enough reason that the animal is frightened and jumps to the side or panics.

Our Offers


Protect yourself against the financial consequences of fire, burglary, water, storm / hail, natural disas-ters (e.g. floods) and burglary / theft. Restoration of such damage to buildings can quickly become very expensive.


Within the contents insurance, technical and commercial facilities, as well as goods and inventories are insured. The inventory insurance covers not only material damage, but depending on the tariff, includes many other expenses incurred in the event of damage.


If a corporation or business stands still because of property damage, its fixed costs will still accrue. Even a competitive disadvantage and loss of customers are among the serious consequences of a business interruption – with extreme financial implications. A business-interruption-insurance protects you against the financial consequences of such risks.

Accident-Insurance - special concept for professional and hobby riders

For professional riders, it is difficult to get an affordable and comprehensive insurance. Whether or not you have an accident in private or professional life, accident insurance provides comprehensive coverage.
Our specially developed Riders-Policy provides comprehensive financial protection with many highlights.
Please just ask for further details.

Here is a short excerpt of our offers:

  • Starting at 145 € gross annual contribution
  • No health questions and previous damages query
  • € 100.000 Emergency and rescue costs
  • € 20,000 for cosmetic surgeries
  • Hospital cash
  • Cash during recovery periods
  • Cast-money € 150
  • Accident pension

The transport insurance covers elementary events and accidents of the motor vehicle or trailer. The insurance covers not only death and euthanization, but also the cost of treatment for injuries. The payout is 100 percent. The insurance also applies to the burglary and theft of the loaded vehicle on a designated parking space in the area of equestrian grounds.


With Mortality insurance you are protecting the value of your animal. Death or euthanasia is insured. In addition, the permanent Loss of Use is also insurable.

The animal mortality insurance pays out 100% of the sum insured for the loss of a horse, or 85% of the sum insured if it is unable to be used for riding, driving or breeding.

You can choose from the following coverages:

  1. Death or euthanasia due to illness or accident, fire, lightning, theft, robbery and slaughter with thieving intention, transport damage
  2. Death or euthanasia due to illness or accident, fire, lightning, theft, robbery and slaughter with thieving intention, transport damage
    Permanent Loss of Use due to an accident
  3. Death or euthanasia due to illness or accident, fire, lightning, theft, robbery and salughter with thieving intention, transport damage
    Permanent Loss of Use due to an illness or an accident

As to the level of sum insured there is no limitation.

The insurance cover applies in countries within the European Union including Switzerland. If required, we can offer global coverage but this would exclude countries which have economic sanctions on them.


If your horse missteps or suddenly suffers a severe colic, surgery is sometimes the only solution. And horse operations are expensive: even minor procedures can cost well over a thousand Euros.

Exclusive Framework Agreement for horse trailers and horseboxes

Special premium (only for private use) for horse transporters and trailers. Classification is done without claims bonus.

Buttermilch & Buttermilch

We are there for you!


Our mission is to make risks transparent, assess these and develop an individually customized protection plan for and with you. We ensure the successful implementation and continual adaptation of the individually tailored insurance concept, matching the risk profile provided. Once signed up, our secondary services save a lot of administrative work. Especially in the case of damage the benefits are clearly noticeable, because our philosophy is to provide customers with fast, non-bureaucratic and personal help.

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