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Storms, earthquakes, fires, corroded pipes, flooding – even the most solid house can be severely damaged. To completely avoid damage is almost impossible! The risks are constant and threaten your building every day. Almost every homeowner nowadays insures the three basic hazards fire, water, and storm/hail. Many of the possible sources of damage that can lead to high costs are thus properly covered. Flooding and a rise in ground water are the two natural hazards that most commonly lead to insurance claims. The costs incurred here are often in five-figure amounts. Especially with floods, costs are often the result, not so much from physical damage to the building, but from the expenditure involved with drying, pumping, cleaning and draining. The effort involved to put a mud-filled basement back in its original condition, for example, should not be underestimated. Several state governments have already started advertising insurance initiatives to encourage homeowners to acquire a corresponding extension of insurance coverage, as the severity of this problem has been recognized.