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Works of art, antiques, books, instruments, collections, designer furniture … – Those who are owners of premium household and valuable art will soon realize that a standard household insurance is by no means sufficient. The value that has to be insured to cover and cater for these premium items is simply too high for a standard household-contents-insurance. Valuables are often only partially insured or simply not included in the standard insurance cover. During valuations for compensation it is often difficult to gage the value of a premium item, because there is possibly no comparable new alternative to the destroyed or stolen items any more. Those who decorate their home with specialty items therefore require a tailored insurance to be on the safe side. If you cannot estimate the value of your household, it is advisable to hire a consultant to determine the value. We would be happy to help you! To be on the safe side and not run the risk that there are cuts due to insufficient sums insured, we can only encourage such caution. In addition, it is recommended that you create a list of all higher value objects and to document their existence by camera or film. Expand this inventory-list with every new purchase and submit a copy to the insurer… documentation is also a type of insurance.