In everyday life, disagreements can quickly lead to situations in which the assistance of a lawyer is necessary.  A possible resulting litigation is usually very expensive. With legal expenses insurance you prepare for these financial consequences. Who wants to waive their rights, just because one cannot afford to defend them? Legal expenses insurance covers the costs of a legal dispute in the context of the insured risks (e.g. traffic law, contract law, ownership or tenancy, etc.).


The private automobile is an important part of daily life and often indispensable to the discharge of professional duties. After all, mobility and flexibility in today’s world is a prerequisite. If your own four wheels then fail due to damage, quick action is required. With an automotive insurance policy, the financial consequences of damage to the vehicle due to an accident, theft, raccoon bites, glass breakage may be averted.

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Personell Insurance


One’s own work force is a prerequisite for a steady income for almost all people. In the event of disability, salary falls away and almost always leads to drastic changes in everyday life. In general, the standard of living cannot be maintained, because the statutory insurance cover is usually not enough. An underestimated risk, because every fourth person retires prematurely from the labor market due to illness or accident, and it’s getting worse year by year.


Each year there are approximately 9 million accidents in Germany, 70% during leisure and 30% occur while at work. Statistically, one happens every 4 seconds. The protection offered by the statutory accident insurance exists only in exceptional cases and is often not enough. The private accident insurance pays for the insured person in the insurance contract in case the insured benefits.

Temporary Risk Insurance

The death of a loved one is always a painful and stressful time; many other engagements slip into the background. Term life insurance is designed to shield you from financial concern while grieving the loss during such hardship. Even if ones thoughts at this time are understandably elsewhere, financial obligations can continue to cause strain. Cost of living, business loans or private loans – financial obligations should not rest on the shoulders of the bereaved. With a term life insurance you can optimally insure the life of your spouse, life- or business partners. The sum insured should approximately correspond to three to five gross annual salaries. The burden due to loans should be taken into account additionally.

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