Public liability insurance covers liability claims by a third party culpably caused by operating activities of a company. In case of unjustified claims, the insurer defends the client in court. The liability risk applies to both the company as a legal entity and the company’s employees.


Pecuniary liability insurance provides protection against financial loss resulting from an occupational accident. This applies mainly to workers in the service sector, which perceive foreign pecuniary interests for professional reasons. For example, architects, lawyers, accountants, solicitors and doctors.


You are liable for your decisions! Day after day executives have to make far-reaching decisions. If the wrong decisions are made, the damage can often run into the millions. Managing Directors, Supervisory Board members, or Management Board members are then held personally liable, without limitation with respect to their entire private assets.


Environmental liability insurance covers the legal liability of the insured enterprise of, for example, the facility operator for damages to a third party caused by environmental effects on soil, air and water. 
 If one damages or upsets the delicate balance of nature, by operating systems or business operations, wildlife conservation and environmental agencies are quickly active. Measures taken to restore the unharmed original state are consequentially not financially limited!


Staff in public service can be held liable for damages caused to third parties as part of their official duties. This is especially the case when people are harmed or incur financial loss.

Home- and property owners’ liability

Protects the house and property owners against financial consequences if, they are in violation of their obligations on the basis of statutory liability provisions as per private law for House and land owners and are thus subject to damage claims by third parties for personal injury and/or damage to property.

Property insurance

Protects the building’s owner from the insured risks and damages such as fire-, storm-, hail-, tap water-, elemental-damage etc. The insurance subject is the business building without its contents or movable property.

Glass insurance

It provides protection for building- and furniture- glazing.
Insurance for glass breakage.

Inventory or contents insurance

Protects against damage to the facilities inventory (e.g. Machinery, office equipment), as well as goods and supplies, against insured damages, such as fire, water, storm and/or hail, burglary and other hazards.

Loss of profit insurance/ business interruption insurance

It covers the entire risk of interruption by damage to property such as fire, storm, burglary or tap water damage. The insurance compensates for the omitted operating profit, as well as the during the interruption existing obligations, such as rent, labor costs, energy costs, operating costs, insurance, taxes, leases and other fixed costs.

Electronics insurance

The electronics insurance provides an all risks coverage, for unanticipated extrinsic events, that result in the damage or destruction of the insured property.

Engineering insurance: protection for machinery and equipment
In engineering insurance solutions, all-risk coverage applies. Meaning, any damage scenarios that are not specifically excluded, are covered by the insurance.
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