Liability and property risks


Commercial-Legal-Protection-Insurance: In the commercial sector, lawsuit can quickly ensue; a dispute between employer and employee or infringements on the Data Protection Act, for example. In a legal dispute, very high costs often come to the plaintiff and/or the defendant. With proper legal-protection-insurance you can prepare for such costs. Whether health professionals, farmers, managers, companies or other, we have the specialists at hand to conceptualize the right product for you!


The vehicles of a company, from business cars to transport trucks, are often an essential part of the execution of a business. The reason being: mobility and flexibility are a must for a company in this day and age. Consequently, if a vehicle is non-operational due to damage, accident, theft, glass breakage, or raccoon bites to wiring, quick action is required. Make sure you have the right insurer.

  1. Carrier Liability
  2. Transport Insurance
  3. Traffic Insurance

Personnel Insurance

Occupational pension scheme

A workers occupational pension scheme in the form of direct insurance is especially suitable for stocking up on a future pension. It is of interest to every employee in a short- or long-term contract, not only for “high earners”. Apprentices and marginal workers who make provisions with the company pension scheme have an excellent opportunity.


Qualified and motivated employees are the basis for the business success of your company. With operating group accident insurance you increase your attractiveness as an employer and protect yourself and your employees from the economic consequences of an accident. And at very attractive prices!


With company health insurance you can ensure that the downtime of sick or incapacitated employees is reduced in your company. By providing occupational medical insurance, you offer your employees the chance for health insurance even though the prerequisite health conditions might no longer be met privately.

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Our mission is to make risks transparent, assess these and develop an individually customized protection plan for and with you. We ensure the successful implementation and continual adaptation of the individually tailored insurance concept, matching the risk profile provided. Once signed up, our secondary services save a lot of administrative work. Especially in the case of damage the benefits are clearly noticeable, because our philosophy is to provide customers with fast, non-bureaucratic and personal help.

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